Spend several days traveling around British Virgin Islands with Flying Ginny

Discovering the beauty of British Virgin Island is all about uncovering the unique character of each island in this unspoiled volcanic archipelago. From the culture and history of BVI’s four largest islands to the pristine natural splendor of more then 50 smaller isles, every place you drop anchor offers its own special magic.


A Few Days of Pure Sea

Relaxing Day

Various Activities

A Charter Aboard Flying Ginny

We offer week or longer charters with chef and captain in the British Virgin Islands.

Known as the, “Sailor’s Paradise,” because we always have calm seas due to the abundance of islands protecting the waters and amazing anchorages, whichever way the wind is blowing.  The British Virgin Islands are also known as BVI’s  and are made up of over 60 islands. The best beaches are accessible only by boat and offer sun drenched white sand, crystal clear blue water, and a wonderfully secluded deserted island feel.

Practically anywhere you swim, the snorkeling is fantastic. You can dive, snorkel, sunbath, go to numerous beach bars, fish, shop, hike, the possibilities are endless. Have fun trying  all the water sports we have aboard. We also have a large collection of books and an open bar . Do not forget the sunbathing – we provide the sun and lotion!!

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